The concept of dental tourism was new and given my recurring problems, I wanted to try it. Needless to say, Darshan Dental is the best dental clinic in Kanyakumari and has the best dental tourism packages Kanyakumari can offer. It was money well spent and under the expert care of Dr.Tani, my dental problems have been solved and I have got my smile back!


Shahid ,


Being treated by Dr.Tania for my dental implants was such a painless experience. She is definitely the best dentist in Kanyakumari.

Ramesh ,


I had crowded and forwardly arranged teeth for which I had braces treatment on my teeth. There was a tremendous change in my looks after the treatment. I was able to appreciate the big difference in my teeth arrangement and facial appearance when the chief doctor, Dr.Tania, who is the braces specialist showed me my before and after treatment photos. I am extremely grateful to the team.





I had forwardly arranged teeth. For the treatment of this problem I went to a dentist who advertised himself as a clip specialist. The treatment went on for 2 years without any improvement. I didn’t know what to do. Then I heard of dr.Tania who is specialized in this branch orthodontics and who also teaches in a dental college. I met her. I started the treatment fresh by her. She took all the before treatment records, xray, photo, impression. She took special care in each step. i really appreciate her dedication to the field. My treatment got over successfully. I am very happy with my after treatment appearance. I should have heard about her work earlier so that I would not have wasted my time elsewhere. My request to those who read this, please understand that braces treatment can be done only by a specialist i.e.orthodontist qualified to do the procedure. Choose an orthodontist who has completed 3 years of masters in Orthodontics(MDS,Ortho) for your treatment.





I lost almost all my teeth in my 50’s. From then I have been using full denture from a different clinic which was loose and falls of while eating. It was quite depressing to me. I heard of this full mouth rehabilitation done using implant in Darshan Dental. I approached Darshan dental team and then I got it done successfully at a much affordable cost. I am very much satisfied. Now life is very interesting b’coz i am able to chew the food I like.





If you are looking for the best teeth braces treatment Kanyakumari can offer, look no further. Darshan dental clinic is the best place and I strongly recommend Dr.Tania to all my friends and family. She is professional and all the procedures are totally painless.

Elizabeth ,


Initially, I was apprehensive about undertaking treatments for dental implants. A search in Google for the best dental clinic in Kanyakumari brought me here and I am so glad that I was treated by Dr.Tania and team. It was a pleasant dental experience overall.

Sumitra ,


I am settled in the middle east. My home town is Kanyakumari. So Whenever we have a dental problem we fly to India, finish our treatment from Darshan dental and then go back. We are much satisfied with the care, work, sterilization and the treatment in Darshan Dental clinic. 



Michelle mary,


Very caring and compassionate in treating the patients. I would say the best dentist in the town.





I got my back teeth removed 15 years back. I have used removable denture which my dentist in my hometown gave me. I got so much sores under the denture. So I stopped using it. When I contacted my dentist and asked for a fixed solution, I was told I have no option since I don’t have any natural tooth to support. I was disappointed. Later I came to know about the implant treatment done by Dr.Tania in Darshan Dental and her team through a friend. I came to Darshan Dental clinic to get implant treatment. The procedure was painfree and I got the teeth fixed in 3 days. I am enjoying food now, after many years. Thanks to Dr.Tania and her team from my heart.